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Sl.No. Date Description Download
1 2017-12-12 Quotation for Procurement of New Year Diary and Calendars for the year 2018 View
2 2017-07-27 Quotation for Supply of Sewing Machines View
3 2017-04-15 Quotations invited for conducting Center Validation for AMH SSC View
4 2016-09-15 Quotations invited for Empanelment of Travel Agents for Domestic and International Air Tickets and Railway Ticket Booking. View
5 2016-09-03 Quotations invited for conducting Online assessment of Assessors of AMH SSC View
6 2016-09-03 Quotes for Hiring of Private Taxi(s) on need basis for Apparel, Made-ups & Home Furnishing SSC View
7 2016-06-20 Quotes Invited For Supply, Installation, Implementation, Maintenance of ICT Infrastructure including Facility Management Services for AMHSSC. View
8 2016-06-15 Quotations invited for Interior Designing and Set up of Corporate Office of AMH SSC View
9 2016-04-18 Quotes Invited For Advertisement Campaign/Branding for AMHSSC View
10 2016-04-22 RFP for conducting Skill Gap Study in Apparel, Made-Ups and Home Furnishing Sector. -- "RFP for skill gap study dated "2016-04-22" has been withdrawn". View

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